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It's a place for RobinxRaven shippers (From Teen Titans) to rp their favorite couple.
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 Titan Life: Setting up Shop.

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Steven Pinhead

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PostSubject: Re: Titan Life: Setting up Shop.   Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:23 am

Slade had received the kick in the back, but it only slowed him down for a second. He grabbed the arm holing his a swept his leg for Batman. Anticipating what would probably happen next, he jumped back once more.

He didn't bring his Bo staff with him this time, but he figured it would just give Batman something to grab a hold of. He eyed Batman and the now armed Batgirl. It would seem in a straight fight Batman and Slade were more or less matched equally. By his estimates, Batgirl herself would give him little difficulty. However, her presence tipped the balance in Batman's favor. He decided this test was over now. He clicked a signal beacon on his belt, and seconds later a camouflaged helicopter swooped down from a rooftop.

Slade back flipped into the chopper's hold, and held a button out in front of him.

"There were more bombs set then what I activated. The automatically disarm themselves after twenty four hours, but they're active at the moment. All I have to do is push this button and possible hundreds of innocents go up in flames. These bombs unfortunately give off a unique energy signature that makes them easy to track. I'll give you a three day grace period to find them before I have them rearmed. Oh, and it probably goes without saying this, but follow this helicopter, and I pull the trigger. So long, Batman,"Slade yelled over the sounds of the helicopter, making sure they got the message.

The helicopter flew off, gaining altitude before its cloaking device reactivated itself.
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PostSubject: Re: Titan Life: Setting up Shop.   Sun Jun 15, 2008 10:02 am

He growled in his throat when Slade disappeared in the chopper and without waiting any further he turned around and made his way back to his big black car. He had to find those bombs before anything else in this city blew up. He had to talk to his former sidekick so he turned to Batgirl, whom he knew, knew Robin personally. "Get Robin here, no matter the methods. We have to talk."

Without any further orders he jumped into his pitch black car and drove away. He had a lot of work to do, which meant no sleep for this man. He couldn't sleep when the lives of Gotham were at stake. No way would he allow himself to rest before this was over. Completely over.

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PostSubject: Re: Titan Life: Setting up Shop.   Sun Jun 15, 2008 2:18 pm

Batgirl hated that Slade had gotten away and that there was absolutely no way they could follow him, track him. Not if they wanted to save the lives of thousands. When she heard Batman's emotionless orders, she half growled inwardly. She hated it when hew as like this, but at the same time she understood. A lot of lives were on his shoulders at the moment. Knowing she had to reach Robin as quickly as possible, she climbed back to the roofs and would grab her motorcycle and take the long trek to where Robin was. She doubted getting him to come back to Gotham would be an easy task.
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PostSubject: Re: Titan Life: Setting up Shop.   

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Titan Life: Setting up Shop.
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