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 Slade's latest movements.

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Slade's latest movements. Empty
PostSubject: Slade's latest movements.   Slade's latest movements. Icon_minitimeSun Jul 06, 2008 3:29 am

A number of thugs had been roped into the service of Slade's new crime ring in Gotham. He couldn't challenge the larger Mob families or some of the more affluent villains just yet, but he was gaining ground. Now, he needed to remain subtle with the operations. The bombs were, of course, a mere test for Batman. But, there was a different purpose to his total disruption of Jump City. The purpose was twofold:

He knew that Sindri was planning something behind his back, but not even his mercenaries knew much about the odd man. All he could dig up from Black Market Information Brokers was that he's a member of an abstract demonic cult that first surfaced 2000 years before Emperor Constantine I converted to Christianity. No holy books existed, all of their traditions and practices were handed down through word of mouth. They were less numerous and more secretive than even the Freemasons. However, cameras at the site of Sindri's last assignment gave him some insight as to his true abilities. Not only that, but he had certainly been able to confirm that Sindri was up to something.

The second purpose had to do with Robin. Although having Robin come alone would have been an asset to his plans, what would likely transpire now certainly worked to his advantage. Robin would only bring the person he most trusted with him to Gotham City. Around this person, Robin could be made vulnerable, likely more so than with the presence of Batman. For a while, his plan would in part be the attack on whoever Robin decided to bring with him, as well as putting strain on Robin.

Which brought him to the next phase of his plan. He had to force Robin and Batman to work together. The strain on Robin's emotions would hopefully leave him weaker. And he knew just how to do that.

"Sindri, I'd like you to take Azrael's squad with you on your next assignment. Use precision, don't raise any alarms, no matter what you do. Subtle is what is needed here."

Sindri appeared from the shadows, ready to serve.

"What is it that we are to do?"

Slade inwardly grinned a wicked grin, wondering how what he was about to do would affect the grand scheme.

"I want you to pay a visit to someone in Arkham Asylum..."
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Slade's latest movements.
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