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It's a place for RobinxRaven shippers (From Teen Titans) to rp their favorite couple.
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 Titan Life: Gotham Base

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PostSubject: Titan Life: Gotham Base   Titan Life: Gotham Base Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2008 10:34 am

Dust floated into a red lit room through the air vents. Swirling in a mini cyclone, the form of Sindri manifested itself in the middle of the observation room. They had gone to great expense to set this up. So far only the meeting and observation room was underground. In fact, Slade's base was not in one piece. It was split up in many parts over Gotham, hidden in shadows, figuratively. No one on the outside would ever notice any connection between the set places.

"Ah, Sindri. Good to see you so soon. I trust everything went to plan," Slade said to his associate as he turned to face him.

"Yes. The message was delivered. Ooohhh... the rage in him was delicious. But... something struck me as interesting. I knocked out the communication lines as you suggested, but my men told me that you gave them orders to kill the power plants, sabotage the internet, and other such things in that vein."

Slade's eye narrowed as he regarded his comrade. Indeed, he had ordered Sindri's men to commit additional acts. He had made a note of never trusting anyone he worked with, ever again.

"Why does it sound like you don't approve?" Slade queried to Sindri.

"I don't disapprove of the actions. Your foresight is impressive, the city is completely cut off from the outside world. But in the future, I've instructed my men to not take an order that doesn't come directly from me. Your business is with me. My men are just that."

Sindri stalked off to his quarters. He had prayers to conduct, and this week would be one of fasting under the tenants of his religion. It had to be prepared for with all the right things.

Slade glared at Sindri as he walked away. He had a good amount of audacity, confronting him in such a confident manner. He would have killed him, but he still needed his resources. Rebuilding an evil conglomeration in the aftermath of your technical death took time.
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Titan Life: Gotham Base
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